Pathfinder Career Coaching

Discover the career for you!

Discover the Career that's right for you!


We spend more time planning our holidays than we do our careers!  Over 50% of people are in the wrong job but choose to do nothing about it.  This impacts confidence and self-esteem.  It impacts personal fulfilment and the ability to reach full potential.  Often, the rut is so deep it seems overwhelming or impossible to make that change.  But working through a step -by-step approach, where all the possibilities are explored, all resources employed and all limiting beliefs removed - finally there is the moment to find what it is that you've always wanted to do.  Having a trusted advisor to coach you through that process will help you to make that change.

Step 1: explores your career drivers - what's your "why" - what a job must have to fulfil your needs.  Using the Richmond Career drivers questionnaire you will understand more about what makes you happy in your job.


Step 2: looks at the roles you've done before and an audit of your transferable skills is done.  This forms the basis of your new CV. 

Step 3: Explores all your contacts-  those who currently do the kind of job you would like and those who can help you on your journey.

Step 4:  Examines the outcome of your Occupational Interests psychometric and plans the input for your CV and LinkedIn profile.

Step 5:  Is a wrap up session with a detailed plan of next steps and actions to succeed at finding your new job.

This course is a face to face OR an on-line programme.